General Questions

Q. Do you buy fish?

A. We do not buy fish, however we will take them. In exchange, we offer a 20% off Livestock Purchase Coupon. This includes fry as well as fish that have outgrown your tank.


Q. If I didn’t buy a fish from you, can I still give it to you?

A. Absolutely! We take all fish, regardless of where they came from.


Q. Will you buy my used tank?

A. We do not buy used tanks, stands, or other goods. However, if you have a tank you need to get rid of, we will take it and offer you a 20% off Livestock Purchase Coupon.


Q. Do you do home maintenance?

 A. No, we do not provide home maintenance, but we can refer you to such services.


Q. Can you order a fish for me?

A. Yes, we will special order fish, plants, or dry goods for you. We will call you when they come in. When ordering dry goods, you also have the option to pre-pay.


Q. Do you have a catalog of fish I can look through?

A. No, we don’t have a catalog. But feel free to ask us about the possibility of ordering any fish. We will let you know if we can get it and give you an estimate of when we would get it in.


Q. Will you hold fish for me?

A. We will hold fish until closing time that day


Q. My school is having a fun fair/carnival/etc, will you donate goldfish?

A. We will gladly help out with your fun fair! However, we do not donate live goldfish, as they tend to get stressed out. Instead, we will create “Free Goldfish” coupons (A $1 value) especially for your event, so that the students can take home a fish when they are a ready for one.


Q. Do you sell turtles?

A. We do not sell turtles. However, we do sell turtle food and other supplies to keep your turtle healthy and happy.


Q. Do you sell items for other pets?

A. We carry screen tops that fit standard fish tanks, terrariums, turtle and frog food, as well as filters and lights for reptiles and amphibians.


Q. Will you spam me with your mailing list?

A. Absolutely not! When you join our mailing list, we will send you seasonal coupons and our monthly newsletter. And we will never share your personal information with a third party.


Return Policies and Health Guarantees


Q. What is your return policy?

A. All unused and opened dry goods can be returned within 30 days of purchase, with a receipt. We do not do returns for any livestock.


Q. What’s your health guarantee?

A. There is a 48 hour guarantee on all freshwater fish. In the event that a freshwater fish dies, bring in the fish, a copy of your receipt, and a sample of your aquarium water. We will offer a livestock credit and test our aquarium water to make sure everything is okay. We do not have a health guarantee for saltwater fish.


Q. Can I return fish?

A. No. All fish sales are final. If you wish to bring a fish in for any reason, will take it and give you a 20% off livestock purchase coupon.


Water Testing


Q. How much does it cost to get water tested?

A. We test our customers’ water for free!


Q. What will you test my water for?

A. We test for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH. For saltwater aquariums, we also test the salinity.


Q. How much water should I bring in for a test?

A. About half of a standard, 16oz bottle of water is enough for us to test.